Our Mission & Values

Shaped by our history and informed by our communities

Our Mission

The Feathers Association's mission is to provide aspirational youth and community programmes that empower and inspire the lives of others.

Our Values 


Our diverse community provides the foundation on which we base our work. We passionately believe that we are stronger together, welcoming and learning from the experiences, differences and needs of others, ensuring we are safe and welcoming space for all.


We’re committed to ensuring our work reflects and respects our beneficiaries' needs and always encourage our staff and the people we work with to respect themselves, their environment and those around them.


We value the lifelong learning of both our beneficiaries and staff. Motivated by our shared passion to do good for others, we challenge preconceptions and always strive to uncover opportunities, reward innovation and provide pathways for progression across our whole organisation.


We remain relentless in our response to the ever-changing needs of our communities. By adopting progressive practices and embedding sustainable thinking into our culture, we aim to ensure our services and communities are equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.


We place ourselves at the heart of communities, with the goal of bringing people together and helping friendships flourish. By providing an inspiring platform, that’s shared by all, we’re able to promote positive relationships and encourage collaboration that brings better outcomes for all.