Feathers Marylebone

At the Feathers Marylebone, previously known as the Fourth Feathers, we have around 500 members from 56 nationalities at our youth and community hub, on average 40 come to the centre daily, with around 9,600 attendances per year. We strive to offer a range of activities for up to 49 weeks annually. We welcome all young people, targeting mainly 8 to 25 years, which the majority are from the Church Street ward and Bryanston & Dorset Wards with 96% all residents living in surrounding areas in Westminster. All activities are subsidised, this means they can be free or from just 50p daily with other trips and residentials costs varying depending on the activity. 

Our diverse team of youth workers, trainees and volunteers, many were members themselves, are committed to supporting children, young people, families and their community. They are friendly, approachable and have a wide range of experiences. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, build confidence, meet other like-minded people, access resources or even change direction – We are always here to support you.