Taking care of communities for over 80 years.

Helping children, young people & communities explore new worlds & opportunities.

Our Story


David Jones, CEO

Andrew Mederick, Director of Communities and Engagement is presented to the Duke of Edinburgh

"We’re so committed to young people, believing in them like never before, helping to build their communities in ways that really make a positive impact in peoples lives. Driving positive change to leave lasting empowerment."

David Jones, CEO of The Feathers Association

The principal objective of The Feathers Association is to provide opportunities for children, young people and communities to develop in a positive way through informal education, sporting, cultural and recreational activities which the charity has provided since 1934.

Our aim is to enable young people to cope more effectively with the transition from adolescence to adulthood and to enable young people to understand and act on personal, social and political issues which affect their lives, the lives of others and the communities of which they form a part. Additionally we help bring communities together by sharing experiences and learning outcomes.


Our Vision

The UK where all can achieve their potential regardless of background.

We believe it is important to increase the ability of young people and communities to identify, advocate and pursue their rights and responsibilities as individual citizens, as well as develop their capabilities – physical, intellectual, moral, social and emotional. To be a bigger part of their community, to add value to the lives of those they interact with and to help build a bigger brighter more positive modern Britain.


Our History


From Our Royal Past To A New Inspired Future

Although times have changed, sadly some issues continue to challenge us to this day - almost 90 years on. The continued well-being of young people and wider communities in London is one such issue.

The Feathers Association, originally entitled The Feathers Clubs Association, was founded in 1934 by Mrs Freda Dudley Ward.  At that time she was a great friend of the Prince of Wales who in 1936 became King Edward VIII, who some will be aware that he abdicating that same year to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson.

Mrs Freda Dudley Ward, back in 1934, set up the Association at the behest of the Prince of Wales, who allowed his crest of the three feathers to be used as the insignia of the Association from which the name of the charity derives.  Mrs Dudley Ward later remarried to become the Marquesa de Casa Maury and remained involved with the Association for nearly 50 years into the 1980's.

Initially formed to aid those suffering in the Depression of the 1930s, the Feathers Association moved into youth and community work after the Second World War and we’ve been supporting communities ever since.

We owe a lot of gratitude to both Mrs Dudley Ward (Marquesa de Casa Maury) and the then Prince of Wales for their inspired action, support and commitment to helping local communities in their time of need. Often through no fault of their own these communities needed more support than others. Issues like how to feed your children, how to heat your home and how to provide clothing for your children and of course school uniform were impacting the lives back then in the 1930s. 

Sadly this still rings true to this day. It’s what makes the Feathers Association still relevant and still needed nearly 90 years on.

The Trustees


The Feathers Association Board of Trustees

The Feathers Association has a board of Trustees who meet at quarterly intervals during the year, where it supports the CEO and Senior Leadership Team in their daily delivery of running the charity against targets and policy set by the board. The trustees oversee the performance of the charity, create policy, monitors the financial outcomes of the charity and manages the overall governance all under the leadership of the Chair. It’s a supporting role to keep things on track but the trustees are all legally responsible for the charity and are not paid.

So who’s on our team, listed in order of time served on the board they are:

Debra Fullman (Investment Portfolio)

Lionel Bunting (Chair)

Aimée Anderson (Events & Fundraising)

Jonathan Martin (Ambassador Scheme)

Ethan Lees (Youth Voice)