Rooftop Reno: Marylebone Club Garden Project

Week One – The Big Clear Out 

As winter begins to reluctantly retract and with spring finally on the horizon, we’re excited to commence our rooftop renovation project at The Feathers Marylebone Youth & Community Club.

With its prominent plot, at the very top of the building, our substantial garden certainly has the potential to inspire children and young people to fall in love with the outdoors. Following a particularly harsh winter, our furniture and equipment that’s been enjoyed by so many members of our community since its last renovation, almost a decade ago, has been left in need of some serious love and attention.  

Getting hands-on and stuck straight into the project, our fantastic caretaker James has begun the gruelling process of clearing out any broken or unsalvageable furniture, flower beds and tools. With sustainability in mind, we’ve ensured that anything that can be repaired, refashioned or reused by ourselves or the community avoids the bin, whilst those items beyond repair are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.  

Our first big target is to get the space back to a blank canvas – clear of damage and hazards, so we can begin to bring our young people’s vision of a fully accessible, inspiring outdoor space to life.  

Take a look at the images below to see the scale of the project ahead – There’s lots to do before we can begin to deliver inspiring interventions with our children and young people in this space.  If you would like to get involved or make a donation to this exciting project, please contact our team here.  

Keep up to date with our rooftop reno project – We’ll be posting regular updates, as our garden begins to take shape in time for the spring & summer.