Rooftop Reno: Update With Caretaker James

Weeks 2 & 3 of the rooftop renovation saw a continuation of the not-so-glamourous work of dismantlement and clearance.

Thanks to James’ efficient work, the rooftop now resembles a much cleaner space, allowing for greater appreciation of scale of the plot and it’s potential – Standing here as we excitedly discuss our ideas and plans, it is easy to imagine the garden bustling with energy on a warm summer evening later this year.  

As we begin to look forward to the next phase of our project, we spent some time catching up with our caretaker, James reflecting on what’s been achieved so far and understanding what’s coming next.  

Hello everyone! My name is James and I am the caretaker for the Feathers Association Youth & Community Club.

Starting the garden project was a massive challenge, especially when you look at how neglected it was following the winter and years of use. This didn’t discourage my ambition to clear it up and start making it look new and inspiring again. I fully enjoyed the clearing out stage, it almost therapeutic! 

The next stage is to jet wash the floor and walls, allowing us to paint, giving it a clean slate to begin the next stage for the Volunteers and young people to begin to bring it to life.

The space will be like a blank canvas so that people can start adding amazing elements to the space. They can get creative and make it somewhere that everyone wants to spend time there as well as make a practical use of the space through growing fresh food and flowers.

Help from volunteers will be amazing and all they need to know is thank you for your assistance and if you have any great ideas then let’s talk about it! Let’s transform this space into something great for everyone to use! 

If you missed the start of our project, you can read all about it here. 

You can get involved with the project by reaching out to our team.